Friday, 4 April 2008


My cough has gotten worse over the past 18 hours. I can't take a breath without having to cough now, and sometimes I cough so badly I feel like I'm going to throw up everything I've eaten in the past week. And maybe a lung or three. Now my side's got a painful stitch from coughing.

Ugh, it does NOT help that I couldn't sleep the whole of last night thanks to a sugar rush after drinking Coke. Remind me never to do that again.

I did end up practicing kitsuke on one of my yukata, though. The fabric's rather stiff, but I think a quick wash will make it all nice and soft. Speaking of yukata, I think I ought to sell one or two from the sets-of-5 I bought from YJA. I don't really know, though, cos everytime I look at the pile, I can't even think of separating from them!! Maybe I won't sell them on eBay, but sell them to friends or one of the sibling's friends when I get home? Or keep them and open a rent-a-yukata business during cosplay and Bon Odori days lol.

*hums* I feel really 'Chinese' at the moment. Taking a hobby and some clothes and planning ways to earn money off them. LOL. I'm still thinking of a way to incorporate kimono and my future career :P A side job, maybe? Hehehehe...

Toodles, my side hurts!

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Petrina said...

You better take care.... and not get any sicker. Taken any Beechams cough syrup yet? They used to work really well on me.

And maybe Patty shd have just come home for Easter. I dunno why he didn't just say he wanted to like, way before his hols. Not in the middle of it when it was too late for him to come back.

Oh and ya... I bought heart-shaped silicon muffin moulds. So nice to use!