Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Closet Feature: Hee! Red bunnies UNIQLO Yukata!

I promised I'd post a picture of the JPY1000 Uniqlo yukata set that I got and here it is!
You can't see if very clearly, but it's a very bright red colour, with bunnies and flowers on it. Here are the details:
The obi is double-sided, with a bright yellow background and dark yellow flowers on one side and the same pattern, but with inversed colours on the other side.

Isn't it pretty? In fact, today's weather was so good, I decided to wear it! Of course, I'd forgotten it was longer than most of my kimono so I ended up having a longer-than-appropriate ohashori, but that's alright! It isn't that much longer :P

Okay, I gotta go and do housework now. Bye!

Ling> I forgot to mention in my last post, but the BUNNIES ARE SOOOOO CUTE!!! I especially love that site with Oscar the Bunny :P I even told Patty to have a look and he said we should get a fluffy white bunny too hehehe... Of course, while we're dreaming about pets, we can always dream of getting a chincilla or ten, and maybe a tiger/cheetah/leopard cub too. Nyehehehehehe...

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