Monday, 21 April 2008

Closet Feature: Men's Yukata Set o_O

I think I've lost weight. Really, I'm not sure, and the only thing I have to prove it is that my hip measurements have gone down 1/2 an inch since a month ago. That doesn't say very much does it? =_="" But still! I'm on my way back to hourglass figure :P My bust either needs to grow 1 1/2 inches or my hips need to reduce that amount. I'd rather it be my hips, really :P

It's getting loads warmer! I don't need my winter coats anymore (despite the fact that they're still hanging up behind my door) and when the weather is good (like today) I don't even need a coat to go out! *yay* Joy, for the time to wear yukata is coming! Heehehhehe.

After reading my past few posts, I realise I haven't posted about kimono for a month! *bad me* Anyway, about two months ago, I bought a men's yukata set for my brother. It finally arrived sometime last week! It looks good, and quite different from the other yukata I bought for him a year ago. Here's a picture or two:

The little sharp (okay, hash, I'm told it's called, but I prefer to call the symbol "sharp" like in piano notes) you see in the center of the second photo is the pattern on the yukata. It looks really nice! I must say, it was a good idea for me to buy one that was white, because all of Patty's others are dark blue. I'm not sure if it'll actually fit Patty, but if it doesn't, I guess I'll have to sew it up so that it does. Or maybe loan it out to someone else when they need it.

One really good thing that I love about this set is that the obi is pre-tied! I never knew that men's obi could be pretied as well, but I guess that was a stupid thought, because practically anything in kitsuke can be pretied! Here's a picture:

The little line you see on the obi in the picture of the man is actually a velcro strip. Convenient, eh?

I just had a thought. Now that we have 2 men's yukata sets and countless women's yukata sets, it would be reaaaally nice to have a family yukata outing, wouldn't it? Oh no wait, I just remembered, we need one for Pot too.... *makes a face* How often would the guys wear yukata anyway? Should I buy more or not? *sighs* But I guess that'll depend on the prices of the yukata sets. This one in particular was ¥2980, which really isn't bad for a whole outfit!

It isn't as cheap as my new Uniqlo yukata set though. Someone was trying to get rid of one, even though it's never been worn before (you can tell by the cloth texture and everything) but sold it for only ¥1000!! If you bought it in-store in Japan, it would cost ¥3500 without tax! *gleeful* THAT was what I call a bargain! I'll post up pics of my Uniqlo set later today or tomorrow. It's so cute!! Hehehehe...

Okay, I've rambled enough already. Toodles, people!

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Petrina said...

Im not sure if Pa will dress up in a yukata... or Pot either.. But you can try asking either of them.

And your pyrex bowl is your pyrex bowl... so why do you care if the rest in the flat want to use it?? Do they use it ever?