Thursday, 21 February 2008

Closet Feature: Kimono Item of the Week~~

Okay, sorry for not updating, but in my defense, I've been busy since Patrick came down for half-term. We went out to a load of places and pigged out the whole week!

Anyway, this week's kimono item is a furisode I just won last week! I've paid for it already, but it might take some time to go through, so it'll be a while (a month, I think) before I'll finally receive it.

The kimono:
The kimono, front:
Detailing at the bottom of the kimono:
Sleeve detailing:
Flower details (peonies):
Yeah! Isn't it so pretty??? It's my most expensive online-bought kimono yet at $87! While I notice I do tend to buy kimono that are pale, I guess it's alright since I usually buy obi which are bright coloured anyway!

I'm not entirely sure which obi I'll match this one with, but I think the fukuro obi I bought in Singapore will go quite well. I haven't a picture with me at the moment, but if I remember correctly, it's black based with hexagons (kikkou; tortoise shell pattern) and flowers in silver, gold and orange. I'll have to see, though, in case the dark bits on the furisode are actually dark blue rather than black!

Now for the furisode details!! It's silk, as always, and the perfect length for me at 160.5cm. The wingspan is slightly longer than usual at 131.5cm, but I guess it's all the better for me! Show less skin and all that jazz. The sleeve length isn't as long as I'd like at 97.5cm, but it's long enough!

For those who gave comments, here are my replies!

Lin> Hey!! Yeah, I completely forgot you were in London in December. *pouts* I didn't know it either, till I was already home!! Haha... Yeah, a pity you didn't watch Wicked - it really was wicked!! *hearts* Take care too!! ^___^

arashi > Thank you! I visited your blog as well, and while I don't understand Spanish, the pictures you post are very beautiful.

Thank you for visiting! ^___^

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Arashi said...

what a gorgeus furisode!! i love the blue part goes across it, it makes a wonderful contrast with the flowers. waiting for pictures wearing it ^^. Thanks for replying my comment, i'm sorry that my blog is in spanish, but you know, my english is really bad...U_U i supose i should write a little add in english in all posts and like that english-speakers could understand the main idea of the post.