Friday, 25 April 2008

A day out with Mel!

I went out with Mel today!

At first, we planned on meeting at Piccadilly Circus, getting a takeaway lunch, then hopping on a bus to Hyde Park to enjoy the good weather. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very cooperative and rained today, of all days, when it's been so nice and warm and sunny the past few days.

So, I had to go back to my room and change cos the outfit I picked was too thin. I was planning on wearing this white dress with pinstripes in black, blue and red, but the skirt was a flare skirt (is that right?) and the dress was made of a blouse-like material which turns transparent when wet. Not very appropriate for wet and windy weather! In the end, I wore my dark blue-green dress with a white shirt inside and a white cardigan-thing over it.

I was short on time so I didn't really bother with matching the bag and shoes, but I just threw everything into my LV bag (can't remember how to spell the name and colour of the bag) and slipped into a pair of slippers I got with a yukata set (which was brown wood with a yellow-gold strap) and ran out. It wasn't till I was waiting for the bus to the train station that I realised I'd actually coordinated my outfit with my umbrella, which was brown, blue and white as well :P

Anyway, enough clothes-talk! The bus to the train station was late, and I was trying out a new route to Piccadilly Circus today, so I ended up being nearly 20mins late x_x"" *feels guilty* When I walked out of the flat, it was already sunny, and when I got out of the tube station, the ground was drying up pretty quickly.

Mel and I didn't want to go to the park when the ground was still wet, though, so we went to Chinatown and had a good lunch of dimsum! We had loooaaaads to eat and it ended up costing only £23 for both of us! Quite a good price, considering how full we were after!

When we walked out of the restaurant, we noticed it had rained again, but we were lucky enough not to get caught in it. We went shopping around for a while before we finally stopped at Starbucks to have a drink and chat and ended up staying there for nearly 2 hours! Time flew by so quickly...

We were talking alot about crabs and seafood and stuff, but we didn't want to go to Belgo's, so we decided to have Japanese food for dinner. Only thing was, we didn't know where to eat and we didn't want to have Misato, so I suggested that we go to Mitsukoshi, even though it was rather pricey.

We had a really good dinner there! We shared a starter of a salad and soft shell crab, and Mel had the chirashizushi while I had a miso black cod with rice, pickles and miso soup. Yumm it was all so delicious! (But ohhh so expensive ;_;) We had a simple dessert of matcha ice cream and anko for Mel, and afogaato for me.

We went home straight after dinner, though, cos we both need to study :P Well, okie then I better go and revise Econs. Bye!

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Petrina said...

Okay put Mitsukoshi on our restaurants-to-visit list when we get to London.

Been a while since I've been there to eat!