Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Okay, I know this is really weird and random, but I just measured my waist when I'm in a kimono and O_O did you know the amount of padding I put on increases my waist measurements by 8 inches?? *rofl* I bet it'll increase by at least 1/2 an inch more if I were wearing a proper kimono with juban and lining, and an otaiko obi, instead of a thin yukata. Hehehehe... It does make me feel good about the size difference between my bust and waist though. Hee.

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Petrina said...

I doubt would want the bunnies in the house again after what happened 15 yrs ago... (I think it was 15 yrs ago, I dunno)

Right now, we have a growing breed of kitties. Black kitty was pregnant again I think. But the kitten that survived the last round is bigger now and its grey-white with fluffy fur! So cute...

And we have the terrafins who now have a lovely home in the water feature at the back of the garden. They seem to be enjoying themselves in there..