Tuesday, 7 April 2009


So I had a presentation for my International Human Resource Management class today.

I started the presentation, and thought we were doing quite well, and handed it over to Vian to continue with the second part. I wonder if she was nervous, because she started to talk really really fast. In fact, she spoke so fast that the lecturer stopped her and said she couldn't catch anything she said, so she had to redo her part. I felt a little worried and embarrassed by then.

Carol finished up the presentation, and I was relieved we were able to save it, until the lecturer said that we forgot one main part of the thingy: the institutional context. I think we panicked! Luckily, the lecturer didn't really scold us, but said that she hoped she would see it in the final report. Now we'll have to do just a little more work sigh.

The presentation counts as 10% of the course, so I'm a little worried about our mark. We did include alot of information, which the lecturer said was good, but we didn't do much analysis because of our missing part. It wasn't until later that we realised that most of the missing part was Vian's part, and we all agreed to cut parts of it out because it made the presentation too long! But it's not like we had much info on it anyway... ~_~""

On a lighter note, we're going to Chinatown tomorrow! :D I'll have to leave early cos I've got a lecture at 4pm (my revision lecture for Arts and Antiques) but I'm still looking forward to eating at Misato or something. Yay!

I'm not sure what we should have for dinner tomorrow. I dunno if Patty is getting sick of my cooking or not (so far, since he's arrived, I've cooked Saturday's dinner, Sunday's brunch and dinner, and this morning's breakfast. My cooking is usually quite plain and boring, so it's easy to get sick of. Maybe I should look up new recipes for tomorrow night? Since we're going to Chinatown, maybe I can buy some things there to cook with. Or maybe we can go out to some restaurant, like Royal China or even Il Bordello again.

Any suggestions? :D


Petrina said...

Royal China would be nice... Fatteh likes it. Remember how he wolfed down everything we ordered when we last ate there together?

Go on a major splurge an order something like steamed fish... Hahaha...

Priscilla said...

Lol, we've been splurging like mad >.o we spent alot in Borough Market, and yesterday in Il Bordello! But it was all good food! We also had nice dimsum for lunch yesterday :D