Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Closet Feature: My Summer Obiage and Obijime Collection

A few days ago, I was arranging my obiage and obijime collection, and decided to take a picture of my summer collection.

My Summer Obiage and Obijime Collection

Here you see my summer obiage and obijime collection in its entirety :P There are 9 obiage and 8 obijime in that box. I only need to get a purple one now! But actually, it isn't really important if an obiage is ro (a type of weave that makes the cloth semi-transparent, and airy, and ideal for the summer), so I don't think I'll hunt for any :)

I'm certainly happy with my summer collection! When I have the time, I ought to do the same for the rest of my obiage collection, too, hehehe...

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