Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Coordination Comments: Potential Ensemble for Sakura Furisode?

On the IG forums, I was advised to choose more colourful accessories for the furisode I dressed Mich in a couple of weeks ago. I found some hot pink accessories, and decided to put them together to see how they went, and this is the result!

Potential Ensemble for Sakura Furisode?

What do you think? Colourful enough? Bright enough? Too much pink? Comments and suggestions welcome!! ^_^

P/S: I really need to find that white han-eri I was talking about.. I can't believe I lost it!! Or did I give it away..? o_O


Walter said...

Hello Priscilla,

The pink and grey go together well ;)
On a more personal note , I feel you should ultimately decide for your own what colour combinations you like best.
On your previous blog , I would have picked a green combination ( the same green I see on the inside of your sleeve ) for the collar and the obiage, so the rose would stand out on it's own and not be overpowered by the pink, but if you feel the pink brings out the rose better, then hey , that's what you're going to wear ,no ?
It is a lovely pale green, though.

Oh and about your previous post, you're welcome to the link.
I keep having to google your kimono terms to understand your posts, haha,
so when I googled ' white han-eri',
I kept finding white bits of cloth , which tell me nothing,
till I found this
and now I know what it is and how I can make my own.I can't wait to get started!

Priscilla said...

Hi Walter!

Thanks very much for your opinion! ^_^ I rather like to ask for opinions because everytime I ask for them, I may get a comment that teaches me something new, or I may get a suggestion I hadn't thought of before and actually like! Kimono wearing and kimono coordination is really a lifetime of learning :)

Oh, I hadn't thought of adding a green collar to that last one! Silly silly me ^^;; I think I'll have to try that outfit again in the manner you suggested. I did think of using my green obiage, but it looked a little too old for someone my age. Still, if I were a little older, it'd be absolutely perfect :)

Oh, please do blog about it if you do start wearing kimono!!! ^___^

fasyasirius said...

love your blog so much!I'm also planning to buy my first yukata on 20 July,but not really sure whether should i buy it or not!but your blog make me want to buy yukata and kimono more.tq for the great article!

Priscilla said...

Thank you ^___^ Ohhhh you really should buy a yukata :D It's really pretty and is comfy to wear! Ehehehe~ XD