Saturday, 11 April 2009

I want this furisode set!

Hey, if anyone wants to give me a gift and had $500USD lying around, this would be perfect! XD

(Click HERE for the page)

I've actually been eyeing this set for months. The patterns and colours really appeal to me, plus it's a really great fit, if a little too long for me! I love that the sleeves are so long (113cm - that touches the floor when I put it on!) because the longer the sleeves, the more elegant it looks.

*sighs sadly* But that is really waaaaay too much to spend. Maybe if it hasn't already been bought by the time I start working..? :P


Walter said...

I must admit the pictures on the website are very beautiful and I see it's only 450 USD now. That's a steal , really !
Have you gotten over your absolute dream set 'Lord of the rings' kimono then ? ((
It does look like the perfect colour to wear to a hanami, doesn't it ?

Priscilla said...

Hahaha that dream set is waaaay too expensive for me ^^;;;; It's a few thousand dollars!! I don't think I dare to spend so much money except on plane tickets! :P

I would very much like to buy this set, but with the economy being so bad, I'm not sure I want to buy another furisode set when I already have so many (at least 5, the last time I checked!) ^^;;