Thursday, 2 April 2009


Congratulate me. I've just submitted my dissertation!

WOOHOO!!! FREEEEEDOOOOOMMMM!!!! For a couple of days anyway :P I've still got a presentation on Monday!

I'm feeling quite proud of my dissertation. I don't think it's as long as some other people's dissertations, but 52 pages seems enough to me :D Besides, I think quality is better than quantity.

On a side note, I'm appalled at how much it cost me to print and bind the thing (I had to print it in colour). I was going to print it using my own printer, but the colour came out a little funny (I think it's running low on blue) and presentability is quite important, I should think. So yeah, I didn't have time to go to Jessops or Curry's to get ink, print it, bind it, and submit it all before 12pm today, so I printed it at the Uni.

It cost me £26 to print and bind two copies!!! I am so so horrified. I was going to print a black and white copy and bind it for myself, but I think I'll do it later in the afternoon when other people won't need to bind their own dissertations :)

There was a little bit of a drama I had - we were to hand in two copies of the dissertation, and one CD with a copy of the file. I'd sent in everything, but I hadn't realised that the file on the CD needed to be converted into a PDF file!!! Luckily, I have friends who live a stone's throw away from the uni, so one of them helped me convert my dissertation into a PDF file and burn it onto another CD. My course officer was also nice enough to let me switch CDs :D Lucky!!

I went to my last lecture at 3pm, then went home. Mel and I met up, and I cooked dinner. We had roasted duck legs (really nice and crispy skin! And so easy to make, too) with mashed potatoes, butter glazed carrots and green beans, and a spinach, rocket and watercress salad. The salad was nice and peppery and went really well with the duck!

For dessert, I still had a bit of the white chocolate cake leftover, so we had that with halved strawberries drizzled with melted dark chocolate. Yummm, it was sinful, but delicious!

Mel and I ended up chatting till 4am :P I woke up at 10am because I had a coursework meeting at 12pm. Patty arrived in London at about 4.30pm, so I went to pick him up.

He was feeling really tired and wasn't really up to going out for dinner, so I walked to Il Bordello's and had them pack up a dinner. We had our usual starter of cornetto di salmone: pureed avocado with prawns and lemon juice wrapped in smoked salmon. For our main course, Patty had spaghetti alla vongole, while I had the linguini sea scallop. I really really enjoyed mine, especially with its brandy and cream sauce. The scallops weren't the freshest, but were still really good and were cooked to perfection. Yum! As always, we shared a tiramisu for dessert.

I am so freaking full now it isn't even funny. :P I don't think I'll be able to sleep for a while!!

Lol, and to think that we're going to Borough Market tomorrow :P Given how much I've been eating these past two days, and all the goodies that are sure to come, I'm going to put on so much weight a panda would feel skinny. Someone stop me from eating!!


Walter said...

Congratulations on submitting your dissertation!
Ouch, for 26 pounds you could have bought a lot of ink cartridges.
The Uni is obviously running a scam here : " let's have them print it out in COLOR and bind it and see the money flowing in from our poor students ,ahahaha :)"
I remember hand typing my entire dissertation on a typewriter and cutting and sticking the pictures in by hand ( the real original cut and paste ( no CTrl-C ctrl-V back then) and making 4 photocopies and binding them.
All in B&W , thank you very much.
If you mistyped at the bottom of a page , you retyped it !
Quality is better than quantity ( except for money : I'll trade you 5 crisp squeaky clean 10 pound notes for your 10 dirty , worn 10 pound notes anytime)
You ate all of that ?
Trying to get quality and quantity, hmm..
If you want to start eating less, you're the only one who can stop yourself, I'm afraid.

Petrina said...

If you think you're eating too much over there, check out all the stuff I've just posted! Although you've prolly seen them on FB already!

And yes that was expensive to pay so much for printing and binding but that's what happens when you do things last minute!!

Priscilla said...

Walter> >_o"" After hearing about your dissertation, I have suddenly gained a new appreciation for technology! Haha, yes, I really should practice more self-control!! (Not that I have in the past two days... :P)

Pig> Well, that's different, cos you're a pig :P I'm thinking that when I go home, I'll prolly turn into a pig too!! XP I hadn't done everything last minute!! I was one of the earliest ones to hand in my dissertation (I did it at 10am). You should've seen this girl who only started printing it at 11.30am... And I wasn't going to print and bind it any earlier because I still wanted to make absolutely sure it was perfect *nods*