Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday~

It's Good Friday today! I must remember to be vegetarian today. I must also remind Patrick to be vegetarian and to go to church.

I'd almost forgotten about the no-meat thing. Luckily, I remembered yesterday when we were in Borough Market (again), so I managed to buy loads and loads of vegetables :) I bought an aubergine, yellow and green courgettes, fresh duck eggs, and four types of mushroom (enoki, shimeji, shiitake and Paris brown). Yum, we'll have lots of good stuff to eat! I was considering having roasted vegetables with mushroom rice, but I'm not entirely sure the mushroom rice will work out well, so I may just have roasted vegetables and butter fried mushrooms on plain rice.

Ooooh in Borough Market, we took some photos of this really cute display of cabbages!
Borough Market Cabbages

Aren't they cute???? :D I dunno why, but it struck me as incredibly adorable, and made me feel nostalgic for old fairy tales! XD

Mel's sister Michelle went with Patteh, his friend and me to Borough Market, and she followed me home after the trip. I dressed her up in a furisode!! I'll post pictures and details later :D


Walter said...

Oooh Savoy. It's been ages since I've eaten those.

The ones you see here have been sown in may of last year , planted and stayed on the field during winter.
Like Brussel sprouts, they can stand quite a bit of freezing.
Where's my cookbook, I have to look for a dish with one of those !

Priscilla said...

Oh, I didn't know that! No wonder there are so many Savoy cabbages being sold in winter then! :) Historically, it was most probably a good source of vegetables during the cold winter months, right?

My favourite way of eating Savoy is in a soup! I quite like them in stews or in stir-fries, but somehow, soup is my favourite :D I think it's because soup can be delicate and lets me taste the full sweet flavour of the Savoy! :3