Sunday, 5 April 2009

Borough Market

Yesterday, Patrick and I went to Borough Market with Mel, Zhen, Eva, and one of Eva's friends Sarah.

Needless to say, we ate alot. First off, we had scallops:
(Picture from my summer 2008 folder, cos we didn't take any pictures yesterday)

Borough Market Scallops

I treated everyone to one portion of scallops each. I think Eva fell in loooove :D

Then, we had chorizo sandwiches!
(Picture from my summer 2008 folder, cos we didn't take any pictures yesterday)

Borough Market Chorizo Sandwich

I can't really remember what we had after that, but I remember getting our usual Comte cheese and drunk cheese, and mushroom pate. Then we had fresh oysters and smoothies. I also found a new shop that sells really great caramel! I bought a small pot :D After that we got our brownies, and Mel recommended the banana cake, so we got one slice. OMG I love the banana cake!! Between the brownies and the banana cake, I'd take the cake anyday!

After the banana cake was shared and finished, we had bratwurst and chocolate eclairs. We went wandering around for ice cream, but the shop had closed :( Instead we had nice creme caramel! Once that was finished, Patty and I went to buy Floris beer at Utobeer, two more slices of banana cake, and an Italian blue cheese, then we all went home :D

This morning, we put yesterday's groceries to good use: for breakfast, I made fresh, sweet pancakes, and we had them spread with mushroom pate from Borough Market and smoked duck slices. Yum, they were really delicious! I think that for breakfast tomorrow, we'll be having scrambled eggs with that Italian blue cheese on toasted slices of that onion and honey bread we got from the brownie shop.

We eat well here :P


Walter said...

Drunk cheese ?
Your post made me wonder if ( here in Belgium : our kingdom of beer ) under the hundreds of Belgian cheeses we had something similar.
And we do! Too many to list. Apparently ripening the cheese in beer or wine reduces the salt content and leaves you with a lovely and milder taste.
I'(m assuming you speak neither Dutch nor French , so the main Belgian Cheese Site ( is a bit hard to read, but I found this young (1985) producer who makes cheeses with ( get this !) wine, beer, spirits, mushrooms,herbs and then he has his 'specials'. It's a fascinating read.
Visit Belgium Priscilla and eat like the Burgundians did : we have large portions, an endless choice of dishes and the most diverse array of beers in the world. There's so much more here than French fries.

Priscilla said...

Oh that's interesting!! I didn't know that ^^; I don't usually buy cheese except from that market, so I'd never come across cheese matured in wine before that! It really is much milder and sweeter in taste :) Thanks for all the information!

My brother visited Belgium two years ago, and he had a great time there! He's been wanting to bring the whole family to Belgium for a holiday, but my dad is wary (the last time he was there on a business trip, his colleague got pickpocketed and they all had food poisoning!). Maybe I should go there with a couple of friends first XD