Saturday, 25 April 2009

Harp Music~

I do not recall when it was that I began to play the piano. It was most certainly before I turned 9. In fact, I cannot actually remember a time when I was unable to play the piano: it was always a permanent fixture in my life, always a favourite instrument to play.

As such, it is no surprise that piano music is my favourite type of music. I enjoy listening to piano music at any time, no matter how I feel, happy, energetic, sad or even angry - piano music is the one thing through which I can feel emotions at their most intense.

Usually, I would listen to some songs played on the piano (and on violins, guitars, etc.... I like listening to instrumental solos ^_^) on YouTube. However, as of late, I have also been listening to harp music. I used to admire harp music, but only in a very off-hand "oh, that's nice" kind of way. Now, as I listen to some people playing the harp, I am simply blown away by how beautiful it can sound.

Just as a couple of "samples" of what I've been listening to, I chose two popular and easy-listening songs from Phantom of the Opera:

Doesn't it sound stunning? Don't they look so elegant playing the harp? I feel so inspired to take it up now!! :) I wonder where I can find lessons in Kuala Lumpur...


Walter said...

O_o you can play the piano ?! I'm so jealous, I love music but i can't play a single instrument.
I haven't listened to the harp music yet, ( full weekend, so no blog) but I will.

Priscilla said...

I used to be able to play the flute too (part of our Music class in school) but I haven't played it in so long (I think around 7 years?) that I've forgotten how to ^^;;; I do wish I had the chance to learn to play the violin... My brother can play the guitar and the drums. I haven't really heard him play the guitar, but his drumming is quite good. My dad plays the guitar for church sometimes, and my sister plays the piano and guitar ^_^

If you want to learn how to play an instrument, I hear that the piano and the guitar are some of the easiest :)