Thursday, 23 April 2009

Outfit Snap: Lazy Showa Kitsuke

I don't know if I ever posted these photos, but sometime in October last year, I really really wanted to wear kimono.

I decided to try on my 150cm early Showa era (Showa is a time period in Japan, from 1926 to 1989) kimono just to see if it would fit. I didn't have a juban with matching sleeve lengths, so I just wore an easy collar. For the obi, I didn't have any obi that matched it well, but I did have one hanhaba obi that seemed to achieve the look I was going for. (I wanted to try and accomplish the "Showa" look like in vintage photos and prints)

The musubi is a variation of something I found in a kitsuke book a while ago and had been dying to try because it really looked like some of the Showa era pictures I've seen. Also, to accomplish the look, I tried to have a messy at-home kind of kitsuke that wasn't neat at all, but I think I failed at that :P I've had too much practice being very neat!! XP

Here is the result!! (Btw, pls ignore the ugly face! :P)

Lazy Showa kitsuke 2

Lazy Showa kitsuke 3

Lazy Showa kitsuke 1

I tried to do one of those poses in prints and photos :P

Lazy Showa kitsuke 4

I actually kinda like this obi musubi ^^;;;;

Lazy Showa kitsuke 5

Do you like it? :)


ihsara said...

haha is that James's room??

i loved the hanhaba obi!!! and the musubi!! but it looks so wide, is that really hanhaba though????

Priscilla said...

Thanks! XD It does look so old-postcard style, doesn't it?? There is another class of obi that is juuuust a little wider than hanhaba obi, but I cna't for the life of me remember its name!

Yeah, that's James's room back in the summer :P He had it emptied out so I used it for the mirror and nicer lighting!