Sunday, 2 December 2007

Closet Feature: This week's kimono item!

As promised, here is my weekly kimono item! (yesterday's post doesn't count!)

This obi was also a part of this year's birthday gift, and I chose it to match with my green and gold momiji (maple leaves) kimono. It too is made of silk, and the design colours are in white, gold, orange, purple, dark blue and black. It measures 30cm on the wide part (which you see on the hanger) and 15cm on the narrow bit (trailing on the floor) and its length is 325cm overall. A little shorter than my other obi, but it's still wearable for someone my size!

Aside from being gorgeous, I'm absolutely thrilled that this obi can actually match 2 of my other kimono! It's always rewarding when I find that I can match one kimono with many obi or one obi with many kimono! Not to mention how much money that saves!

That's it for now~

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