Friday, 14 December 2007

Word of the Week

菊 きく kiku
Meaning: chrysanthemum
Type: noun
Season: autumn, winter

Kiku is a very popular motif for kimono items. You see it everywhere, on kimono, obi, juban, obiage, obidome, haneri.... In fact, I'm surprised at how few items I have with kiku on them, since I seem to see them everywhere! I do want to buy this lovely little piece from Yamatoku... Here's a peek (click on pic to go to page):

Not sure if I'll actually buy it.. I can probably win a furisode on eBay for $45! But still, it's a nice kimono. Not really a good length for me, but I can still make an ohashori with a 152cm kimono! I just recieved a perfect juban for it too... *grumbles* Anyway, here are other pictures featuring kiku in my kimono, though it's hard to see without detailed pictures! Will have to take some soon...

My new black obi with kiku and other plantlife:

My white kiku kimono; it fits well over my red juban:

Details of my white kiku kimono. The kiku is made via shibori (tie dye method). If you look closely, the weave pattern of the cloth is also kiku with twisting petals.

My newest furisode for late autumn/early winter:

I actually have a really nice photo of an obidome of a coral carved into kiku in one of my books but that's in London... We'll just have to wait till I get back to see it then! That's all for now, turrah!

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