Saturday, 8 December 2007

Closet Feature: Kimono Item of the Week~~

This was the third part of my birthday kimono set. This item here is a nagajuban, which is the layer that goes under the kimono. It is made of silk and the patterns on it (the description said 'treasures' o_O) is woven. It fits very nicely with my momiji kimono, as the measurements (except for the entire length) is just 1cm shorter than the kimono, so the fabric does not scrunch up. The length is perfect for me at 130cm so that it does not need extra tying at the waist, and yet is not too short so as not to feel uncomfortable.

I really love how just a hint of the juban's redness shows from the openings in the sleeves, complementing the orangey red parts of the green obi in the ensemble. Together with the red zori, obiage and obijime I chose, some brightness is added to an otherwise subdued outfit, making it look refreshing and younger.

I have worn this outfit once, and I do have pictures, although not very good ones, since my kitsuke that day was very messy. I will post pictures of those next week after I have posted the obiage and obijime and maybe the zori too.

Till then~

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