Sunday, 2 December 2007

What is obi?

Okay, so I haven't really been updating >.> *bad bad bad girl!* I don't feel like apologising though :P I'm hooooome, and it's been fun!!! I've been going out to eat alot, and if you'll go to 'Knits and Nibbles' (my sister's flog) you'll get to see what we've been having :3 yum~

Alright alright on with the post.. I'm gonna post my make-ups of the past few weeks in their own posts all in one shot, okay? And I'm changing the date too to make it look like I'd actually posted on time!! XP Here goes..

What is obi?
Obi, (帯, おび), pronounced 'oh-bee', is the name for the various sashes worn with kimono that keep the robe in place on the body, and as decoration. Silk is the most traditional and most formal material for obi, and is thus more commonly found when one searches for vintage items. However, synthetic materials are becoming more and more popular for obi in this modern age, as it is cheaper and, in some cases, easier to handle and store than silk. The oldest synthetic obi I have comes from the 1970s period.*

Formal obi for women**:

Cute winter themed nagoya obi***:

Side-back view of otaiko obi**:

Back view of bunko-musubi on furisode****:
Back view of tateya-musubi on furisode****:

I will post the two different types of men's obi next week! The various types of women's obi may be posted separately and spread out over a few weeks.. I will also do posts of the different types of kimono! Maybe I'll also start a post on various ways of tying obi and post instructions? Lord knows I have countless books to scan from!! All I need now is just a scanner.. Or maybe even taking a picture of the page will do!! Hmmm, there's an idea...

I have noticed that I have only posted pictures of women in kimono and women's kimono. I can't really help the women's kimono bit since I don't have any men's kimono (save a couple of men's yukata I bought for my brother..), but I will try to include more of the men's aspect of kimono from now on!

Till next time~ Toodles!

* - from Wikipedia
** - I got these pictures off the Internet a long time ago, but I can't remember where they are from. If anyone knows, please tell me so I can link them and give them credit!
*** - from an old auction on
Yahoo!Japan Auctions. I wanted to bid for it so badly!
**** - old pictures from

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