Friday, 30 November 2007

Word of the Week

Okay, so I'm busy with school and all, so I can't really update all that often. I was thinking I'll post mostly during the weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) when school's on, and throughout the week during the holidays. I will keep posting each topic weekly though!

Today's topic is the Japanese word of the week! When I was studying Japanese (actually, I still am studying Japanese), I used to have a "word of the day" and I had to use the word at least once that day. So I thought to put up something similar here, only that the words would be kimono-related or one that you would hear frequently in conjunction with kimono. So here it is!

Word of the Week
赤 あか・い aka.i
Meaning: Red/Crimson
Type: i-adjective

Word use: 赤い着物 akai kimono
Meaning: Red kimono

Maiko Fukuteru in a dark red furisode*:

Another maiko in beautiful red furisode*:

Lovely aren't they? I've been looking to buy a nice dark red kimono to wear, and I did win one with black motifs a few days ago! Here's a little picture:

I can't wait to get it in the mail!! Hopefully it'll arrive before I go home for Christmas :P

Well, that's all for now!

* - Taken from the Immortal Geisha forums


Keshia said...

That geisha and kimono is so pretty! I love japan and kimonos I'm afriad I can't pull off the face make-up though :(

Priscilla said...

Haha, yes, it is difficult to pull off the face make-up! But that's kind of what makes it so special, I think ^^