Sunday, 25 November 2007

The beginning...

Hi all!

Actually I created this blog with the intention of just using it to test out new blog layouts for my sister's knitting and food blog, but then I had the idea of creating a kimono blog, since I have such a large collection of kimono and kimono items!

So here we are, with yet another kimono blog on the net!
I thought I'd start out with showing off a little bit of my kimono collection first. I don't have very many pictures of myself wearing kimono or yukata, so for the moment, I will only post pictures of my kimono or obi pieces at the rate of one piece a week.
Here is this week's kimono!

This piece was amongst my birthday presents this year from my parents! It measures 160cm in length, and the sodetake (length of sleeves) is around 48cm. It is made of silk. Lovely piece, very comfortable and soft. The woven pattern (which can be seen faintly in the picture) is of long grass. The motifs are autumnal leaves (not sure which leaves they are, but they look to be cutesy type maple leaves), which obviously makes the kimono an autumn kimono. I'd love to wear it now, but it's a little too late in the year to do it. Although I might just wear it since no one here will really notice that anyway! ^___^

I have a matching juban, obi, obiage and obijime to go with it, but those pictures are for the coming weeks! =) Look forward to it!

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