Sunday, 2 December 2007


I thought I'd mention that RyuJapan is having a winter sale on wool kimono! They're going at US$1 a piece! Some are US$3 or US$5, but that's really cheap! ^_^ Have a look quickly before they're all sold out! (though most already are...)

EDIT: I went, I saw, I couldn't resist, I bought. Five pieces, to be exact, along with a han-eri. I had it shipped to my Malaysian home since I won't be here to collect it, but I don't know what my parents will say when they see them o__O Here's a peek preview, I'll post more detailed pictures when I see them!!

This first one is my favourite:

I needed some colours other than white, so I got these:

And then I decided I didn't want to have too many dark colours, so I got these:

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous??? I can't wait to wear them!!

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