Saturday, 22 December 2007

Closet Feature: Kimono Item of the Week

This purple kimono was one of my first - most certainly amongst my first batch from Yamatoku on eBay!! I got it for only US$1 o_O I really don't know why no one fought me for it, but I'm guessing it's cos there was quite a bit of grime on it when I first received it.. That and the fact that it's stiff and short at 150cm. It's even pushing it for me; I might have to wear it without ohashori or really really short. It's good that the length is alright - now all the grime's come off it!! I think the dry cleaner did something to it, even though she didn't clean the whole kimono. Now it's wearable!

The colour is a lovely deep purple with just a hint of redness to it. The patterns are floral medallions that are in a very light silvery gray colour. I believe that, due to the reddish tint in the purple, red accessories would look good with the kimono, bringing out its rich colour. For a subdued outfit, a black obi would be nice, perhaps with red obiage and obijime? Of course, the shades of red would depend on how subdued the ensemble is to be. For a brighter outfit, a number of friends recommend a white obi.

I have two obi that may match this piece. Next week, I will post one of them, along with commentary on the colours! ^_^ Ttfn!

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