Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Yamatoku Sales!

Yamatoku Classics has a sale on their website!! For 8 days (not sure when it's ending, actually, but I think it started today [Monday]), there will be a 30% discount off everything in their webshop!!!

I'm so excited - some of the things I've lusted after for ages but never bought because of their prices are so cheap now!! I'm very tempted to break my kimono diet and buy something from him, but the only problem is I don't know what to buy! Not a furisode - I've enough of those. Not a komon either - I've too many of those! Maybe an iromuji? I was thinking a houmongi or tsukesage. Oooooh what about that houmongi-juban set I wanted so badly? It's USD88 now, as opposed to USD130...

I was looking through my collection and decided that while my kimono collection is good enough for everyday wear, I don't really have much choice when it comes to semi-formal events. I only have three iromuji and one tsukesage here with me in London! Even at home, I only have two tsukesage that are wearable. I think I ought to get more tsukesage, houmongi and iromuji so that I'd have a larger choice of clothing of an acceptable formality level if I were to go out for a smart lunch or meeting or something. Especially since iromuji is so versatile in looks and formality levels! I really really want to get more iromuji...

I do think that wearing a wool kimono to Ikiteru, KL Hilton would be embarrassingly underdressed (though it'd be good for shopping!) while a furisode would be far too overdressed - think of wearing a ballgown to have tea. A nice komon or an iromuji would be a good choice. Tsukesage and houmongi would be even better if I'm going out with someone I don't know all too well, although if I don't know them that well, I don't think I'd wear kimono in the first place!

Yeah, my collection has an odd range. Alot of informal everyday wear for housework etc, a number of komon that may be suitable for nice lunches, very few semi-formal stuff, and a large range of furisode and one kurotomesode for formal kimono. I suppose it reflects my thinking that I'd rather wear kimono for simple everyday enjoyment, and when it comes to formal things, I'd rather wear a nice dress and blend into the background, rather than stand out and take attention away from the host/guest of honour.

Hm, I've been contemplating selling or trading off my kimono. I've got someone who's already interested in buying things I may have no use for, and someone I already am trading stuff with *cough*Hong*cough*, but other than that, I don't know if I'll ever dare to sell or trade online after so many stories of scams.

Ooooooh I wore kimono for a short while on Sunday! I was feeling really kimono-deprived, so since I was on a break, I wore my eye-popping purple and pink wool ensemble. I'll post pictures later!

It was so cold that night that wearing a kimono and haori together indoors made me feel perfectly warm and toasty. I'd hate to imagine wearing it outdoors! Plus, today was cold too! It's finally gotten cold enough that I had to break out foxy - and even foxy wasn't warm enough! O_O

It looks to be a cold winter this year, as opposed to last year's unbelieveably warm winter. Time to break out the earmuffs yet?


Petrina said...

I miss foxy. But I must remember that I have a nice new "rabbity" in my room. Although it's actually Ma's rabbit fur coat which was meant for the Japan trip last year that didn't happen.

I miss feeling warm and toasty while being wrapped in foxy.

Did Pa call and tell you about Xmas plans? About staying at the Hilton? I'm not sure if I'd really want to but I suppose that's all we have time for since you're only back for 2 weeks.

I'm on leave for Xmas Eve and Boxing Day btw so we can plan to do something.

kimonosa said...

oh! Thanks for information^^

Priscilla said...

kimonosa: You're welcome ^^

Piggeh: Nyehehehe foxy!! I can't remember if I saw rabbity or not :( Show me in December! XD You know, it's so cold nowadays that foxy actually isn't warm enough! :(

Pa did call, but I don't remember anything about the Hilton o_O

Yay! Plan what to do for Christmas!

Petrina said...

Actually Ma wanted to take you guys to Cameron Highlands but dunno now.... since Pa thought of just staying back in KL. I'll have to check with them again.