Saturday, 15 November 2008

Event Aftermath: Kimono Fashion Show!

On Tuesday, despite having 3 reports due the next day, Mel, Hong and I went to see a kimono fashion show. Of course, we just had to wear kimono! We all decided on wearing furisode ^_^

I was supposed to meet Hong at 3pm and Mel at 4pm in my flat to get dressed. Instead, both came about an hour late *sighs* Hong and I managed to get dressed in time, but then we decided to dress Mel in her furisode too. That, plus the fact that we couldn't get a taxi, and traffic was bad, made us really late so we missed half the show! :( *sighs sadly* Oh well.. At least I got to see how kimono sensei dress other people!

After the show, which was lovely, there was a dinner that the three of us attended. It said to have kobe beef, but was really just a burger. *disappointed* At least the starter was unique and the dessert (apple pie) was gorgeous!

Anyway, on with the pictures! :D

I'm wearing my birthday furisode, paired with Hong's purple obi and my black accessories, which aren't actually formal enough for furisode, but we don't care :D The next time I wear this beauty, I think I'm definitely going to try for my red obi with orange accessories. Oh and I desperately need a juban for this. The night before, I was sewing up juban sleeves for this kimono! I ended up having to take up nearly 4 inches!

The lovely handara-inspired obi musubi Hong tied onto me. A little wonky in this picture (believe me, it was much prettier than this!) though. Sure beats the craptastic handara I tied onto her!

This is what Hong wore!! This furisode was originally mine, but it didn't fit me :( I bought it because I wanted a black furisode. The seller's pictures were awful, but I looked past it and saw the true beauty of this gorgeous piece, and bought it. I was so upset when I received it and it didn't fit me!

Then I met Hong, and thought that it'd fit her perfectly, so I showed it to her. I was glad she fell in love with it! Since this piece was rather expensive, I didn't really want to just give it away, so I traded it for her dance parasol, which I loved and she didn't like.

So everyone's happy! I finally got a parasol that I've been wanting for ages and she got rid of it. At the same time, she got a beautiful new furisode that fit her, and I gave away one of my precious to someone who actually fits it and I know will take good care of it ^_^

The obi she's wearing is one I bought specifically for this furisode. I'm contemplating selling it to Hong as well, because I don't have anything else it matches, plus it matches this furisode so well. I tried to get her to wear pink accessories, because the lining is pink and the general feel of the furisode screams "pink accessories", but she isn't too fond of the colour, so she wore red instead. I think it look nicer than I expected!

The craptastic handara I tied onto her :P It looked a bit better after I stuffed towels down her back, though!

After that, we dressed Mel up in the furisode I helped her buy :) Since we were running late, everything was rushed. I started pulling out every juban I had in the hopes that one of them would fit the furisode - thank goodness one of them did! While Hong dressed Mel, I grabbed the most neutral obi I had that matched, and then started throwing accessories to see if they were suitable! And all that was happening while I was helping to dress Mel haha. We managed to do it in 15 minutes, would you believe it?? For such a quick kitsuke for furisode, I'm quite proud of how Mel turned out!

Here's a picture of the three of us after the show:

And our backs. You can see us all lopsided here! Haha.

Here's Mel and Hong with the only non-Japanese model. I love her furisode!! Not too fond of the ensemble, but the furisode itself is gorgeous!

We got alot of comments and compliments ^_^ The sensei were very surprised to learn that we dressed ourselves! We did speak to the Japanese woman we saw in the koto concert - she was with a friend who was also a kimono sensei! *happiness* We got their emails so now we can get lessons!

Ooooh this reminds me, I haven't posted pictures of the MCM Expo, have I? Remind me to do it sometime this weekend!


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