Friday, 7 November 2008


*sighs* My lemon craving is getting out of hand. I'm dying to drink a lemonade, or eat a Carluccio's lemon tart or maybe lemon sorbet. My tastebuds are screaming for that sour tang that strong lemony stuff gives me. Maybe I should go buy a bag of lemon drops and act like Dumbledore (hwoh hwoh hwoh)

Am supposed to be doing coursework now (due date is tonight) but my brain is blank. I stayed up till 3am doing it last night and it still isn't done because I didn't have absolutely everything we needed for the report. At least it's almost finished now *sigh*

Okay, going back to work.


ihsara said...


heres a tip i learnt from my sour-addict housemate:

go to the supermarket/ baking goods store and find citric acid. Its in powder form. I guess u could add it to water and attempt drinking it lol or just do as my housemate does (he dips his finger in and eats the stuff right out of the tub) careful u might burn ur tongue after doing that too much!

Its the stuff they use to give food a sour flavour ( dyou remember those Hi Sour sweets?? The sour coating tht makes you squeeze your eyes shut?? thats citric acid lol)

Priscilla said...

Oooh? Thanks for the advice! I'll look for it XD I satisfied my lemon craving by buying this Japanese lemonade - not too sour but very satisfying!

I actually like to drink Beecham's sore throat reliever :P The lemon flavour in that one is something I find absolutely addictive! I try not to drink it too often, but when I feel even just a little sick, I'm happy to drink it!