Saturday, 15 November 2008

Inland Revenue

Ooooh something interesting happened this morning!

At about 11am, I woke up to this banging on the door. I jumped out of bed, pulled a shawl on and opened it up to a couple of men. They said they were from Inland Revenue and were looking for someone called "Miss Kalef" who had avoided paying taxes in 05-06, and that they had a warrant to search the house! I told them that there was no one by such a name living here. They asked to see the ID of all the people living in the house to make sure. (Oh, I did check their IDs btw)

I woke James up and they explained the situation to him while I went to get my passport. James did the same, but MeiZi wasn't in, so I just took our tenancy agreement, which they were happy to see. The good thing is that after seeing our IDs, they said they wouldn't bother us anymore.

Abit of a shock when things like that happen. Okay, since I'm already awake now, maybe I'll clean up my room a little and then dress up in kimono. What should I wear...?

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