Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Annoying Coursework Groupmate

Once again, I'm complaining about that annoying guy in my group.

Today, we had a meeting where we discussed our recommendations to the client, our presentation and our final report. We also discussed how we're going to divide our work. Andrea sent out an email summarizing our meeting and stating who was to do what.

The irritating guy, who didn't even turn up for the meeting, immediately sent a reply saying he wasn't going to do the presentation because he did something and the others didn't. RIGHT. The others at least went to the first meeting with the client and relayed it back to us. He did the part we asked him to - two weeks after the due date of the report it was supposed to go in.

The next step of his part was that he compounded on what he was supposed to have written before, and elaborated it further for the report. We said what he wrote was good, but not enough, so we asked him to write it in more detail - he sent us a reply saying HE thought it was good enough, so HE wasn't going to write anymore, and if we wanted more detail, we should write it ourselves!! HONESTLY! The nerve!! And Andrea, Sita and I had written the whole interim report by ourselves!!!!!

Plus, he actually had the gall to say that HE was getting annoyed with the coursework group! He was saying we didn't communicate efficiently, blablabla, if we wanted someone to do something, we should ask, not tell. He said no one should assume they are the leader because no one is, etc. etc. >:( HELLO??? We communicated everything via email to everyone in the group! Chats, conversations, files, everything was on email, and we all decided email was the best way to communicate in the first meeting!

He said he was annoyed we tell him what to do and not ask - well, it's HIS own fault! He never turns up at these meetings! During those meetings, we all decide on what to do (we volunteer for parts and whatever is leftover is shoved to whoever isn't there) fairly and then we just send out what we've already agreed on so far. No one assumes they're the leader. In the meetings, everyone is on equal footing, and no one says "you do this, you do that", we all volunteer for the jobs. He's just taking it out on the person who sends out the summaries of the meetings by implying that she thinks she's the leader!

We've been discussing this problem for a week now, and I've relayed to the group everyone's advice on complaining to the lecturer. One of the girls was talking to the lecturer and mentioned that someone wasn't pulling their weight, and the lecturer said to include in her copy of the final report a breakdown of who did what and if someone hasn't done anything, just leave a blank. I'm not sure what will happen, but I hope to God that he won't get our mark.

Speaking of marks, I just got the marks for our interim report. We got a 22/30. Yay, or something like that. To be honest, everyone says it's a good mark, but I'm not happy with it at all. I feel we could've done a much better job and gotten better marks if everyone pulled their weight from the beginning. Am I being too critical? Or is this just the stress of the past two weeks speaking?

I decided to take the weekend off to relax and de-stress for a bit after the past two (going on three) hectic weeks. I kind of regret it now, because while it was nice to relax, this morning, I was in a full-blown panic and felt more stressed. And my workload is actually lighter! I just feel like I wasted time, even though I've just about finished everything due this week. Well, I ought to work ahead for things due in two weeks then (after my report and presentation this Wednesday, plus another presentation I'm not taking part in on Thursday, I've nothing due till 4th December. Hooray, or something like that).

I've got to do a presentation on Wednesday! I've prepared myself extra-well this time, so I hope it'll all be fine. Wish me luck for it!

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