Saturday, 15 November 2008

ROH tour + coursework rant

I had the Royal Opera House backstage tour for a coursework earlier that day, which was really fun! We saw the auditorium, the costume area, the backstage area, the place where they built the sets and the hat and jewellery department. It was so interesting!! The best part is that they had a rehearsal going on at the time.

Now, actually, when they're having a rehearsal, no one is allowed to go into the auditorium. However, that day, they were rehearsing a triple bill (three short operas/ballets? in one show), and they had a break in between to change the set, so we were allowed to go in!! We actually saw what it was like when they're having rehearsal - people walking on stage, making sure the set is absolutely perfect, adjusting the lights, people yelling, etc. It was great to see! *hearts*

That trip really made me want to go watch something in the ROH!

Speaking of courseworks, I've been really busy the past weeks. Ma and Pa will kill me if they found out, but for two weeks, I haven't really been eating or sleeping. I only slept an average of maybe 4 hours a night, and ate only once every 24 hours - even then it might just only be soup. And even after all that, I just barely manage to hand in my courseworks on time. On Wednesday, we submitted our coursework just a minute before the hand-in time!! We were so worried we wouldn't make it that we didn't do the best we could, I think. :( *sighs*

I blame all of that on the people who didn't do their parts!! If they'd done SOMETHING, I wouldn't have had to concentrate so much on that coursework and ignore my other coursework, which I then had to rush through! A part of me regrets going to that kimono fashion show on Tuesday because of that.

Oh and you know what? On Tuesday, we also found out that all the work we did wasn't what the client wanted. I mean, yeah, relevant, but still not what she wanted!! So we only have this one week before our presentation to get everything done. I'm doing the research side of things, and am supposed to get things done by Monday, but it's a little difficult because offices will be closed during the weekends, so I can't call our competitors to test their system *sigh*

You know what's the worst thing?? One of the ppl who didn't do any work argued that what the client wants isn't relevant to our coursework at all and what we'd done is enough! He actually told us to stop wasting time on it! It made the 2 girls and I who worked hard on it very furious - WE want the good marks! Who is he to stop us from working??? So we took a vote to see who wanted to stop working on it and who wanted to change our project - we won, of course.

That bit about what the client wants not being important? That's abso-effing-lutely ridiculous. Our presentation is going to be marked by the client - that's 20% there. The final report is specifically for the client, not our lecturer, so it's vital that we do what she wants. The final report is 40%. We told that guy about this and said it was written in the course outline, and he had the NERVE to say "I'm reading it and I don't see it. I don't know what you guys are talking about".

AAAAAAARGH I want to kill him. I don't understand HOW an idiot like that ever made course representative! Plus, our lecturer came up to us and said "Oh you have a course rep in your group! I'll expect better work from you guys then". Talk abour pressure.

I've been told by everyone to complain about this to the lecturer, who assigned us our groups, but she'd already specified in the beginning that if there are problems within the group, we'll have to sort it out ourselves. Usually, she's quite good about taking our complaints (she taught us last year) but this year, it's apparently a part of our coursework, as we are emulating a real life consulting group, with a client and everything.

James and MeiZi told me that there should be a formal way of lodging a complaint with the university itself. I'll have to look it up and see, and discuss it with our coursework group. I'll wait and see for our presentation. That guy is supposed to do the presentation, as he didn't do anything at all for the interim report. If he doesn't do the presentation, we'll most definitely complain.

Argh, I've been complaining and ranting about this coursework for weeks to anyone and everyone who would listen, and I'm still angry about it. Any ideas on what I can do to get rid of this anger? Shockingly, wearing kimono (Tuesday) didn't help, although that might be because we were late, so I was feeling really annoyed. But then again, cooking, playing the piano, reading and watching TV didn't help either. I'd only do it for 10 or 15 minutes before going back to work because it just added to my stress. I kept thinking "need to do work, need to do work need to do work, shouldn't be doing this!!" *sigh*

I pray that Ma and Pa won't nag at me to STUDY STUDY STUDY the next time I talk to them or I'll burst into tears. I KNOW I should study but I haven't got the time!!! Coursework is taking up everything in my life. Today's the first bit of time I've had to myself to relax and I still have a pile of books to read for my dissertation literature review.

I'll be so glad when December comes and I can go home. I've been craving for steamed pomfret and steamed soup lately.

Is working life also this stressful?

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