Monday, 16 June 2008


I'm feeling oddly exhausted.

Yesterday, I went to Vauxhall to collect my parcel from DHL. Stupid little me actually left the house without the address of the place I was meant to go to! Argh... Once I got to Vauxhall, I wandered around looking very lost till I found a map pinned up at the tube station entrance and stared at it for a while before I finally thought of where to go. It was a good thing I'd remembered the map I saw the night before!

It was a little heavy.. Not enough to warrant all the worrisome "it's kinda heavy - can you carry it all the way?" questions I got from the DHL staff, but heavy enough that it was tiring carrying it back to my flat, even on the 5 minute walk from the bus station to my flat.

Anyway, once I got it back to my flat, I immediately set up the shoe organiser, which took quite a bit of work with my hands and quite a bit of strength because it was hard to snap the thingies into place. At least now my shoes look a heck load more organised and orderly! Maybe I ought to take a picture?

Wei Jin came to London today. I wore a yukata when I went out to collect him from the station and got quite a lot of looks lol. It was fun! :P Anyway, I brought him back to the flat, and we hung out a bit before cooking dinner. It was the usual meal that I always seem to have when having friends over: garlic bread, spaghetti with prawns and rocket, and ice cream for dessert. We didn't manage to get to the ice cream, though - we were too stuffed after the spaghetti! We even kept a large box of the spaghetti in the fridge as leftovers.

We stayed downstairs to talk for a long while, but eventually moved upstairs to set up the mattress and everything. His friend called, though, and was apparently in a spot of trouble because he'd missed his flight home and was stranded in Heathrow, and Jin asked if he could stay over, and I didn't really have the heart to turn him down, especially when the couch was still free.

So here we are, sitting in my room while Jin showers. Hm. I wonder what tomorrow will be like?

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