Saturday, 7 June 2008

O_O So much space!!

I finally finished cleaning up and clearing out my room!

O_O OMG there's so much space!!! And it looks so neat and tidy on one side of the room.... And absolutely packed on the other lol. But I can't help it, I like having a bit of a mess around. If it were too empty, I'd feel weird! Unfortunately, even in this picture, I can't show how big and empty it really looks from my point of view on the bed, since it's doubled by the full length mirrors. *sighs*

Ling, is this cleared up enough for you? I've already vacuumed everything and dusted every surface in the room. At least now I'm confident there will be space for an inflatable double mattress!

I'd actually cleared it out halfway yesterday, but I couldn't finish up because I didn't have any plastic boxes to store my kimono in (yes, kill me, I'm mistreating them so badly ;_;). On a whim (and also because I still had the Ikea refund card, which I'd completely forgotten about and needed to use), I decided to go to Ikea today.

I'd mentioned it to Mel and she said she wouldn't mind going, and I was happy for the company, so we went together! We were to meet up at Tottenham Hale station at 1pm, and I left extra early just in case I was late (again). When I got to the station, I had a surprise! The District line trains were suspended between Whitechapel and..... some other place I don't remember.. because they were defusing an undetonated WW2 bomb at Bromley by Bow o_O I felt so weirded out!

It didn't really matter to me anyway, cos I needed the Circle line, not the District line. I got there early, but Mel got there a little late since the District trains were on severe delays. We first had lunch (Swedish meatballs!! Woo!) then walked around buying stuff.

I bought loaaaads! Amongst them were a new lampshade for my ceiling light!! It's this one:

Pretty, isn't it?? Oh and don't ask how I managed to take that photo when it was still bright outside. *shrugs* Just one of those weird things I can somehow manage to do I guess. But I will admit I really really like this picture :D

So yeah. I bought a sewing set, a puppy soft toy, an adapter in case the family needed it, lightbulbs, the lampshade and of course, my main reason for going to Ikea: the plastic boxes.

I was rather unlucky on the way back, actually. It was such a hassle carrying those boxes on the tube when everyone's rushing home!! Plus, it started raining when I got out of Tower Hill station, but I was lucky enough to be able to hail a cab.

Once I got to my room, I put the lampshade together (it came in pieces... It was sooooo fun to do it!!) and set it up after a long time of debating with myself on how to make the damned thing stay up. Then I felt irritated at all the mess in my room, so I started clearing things up straightaway.... And just didn't stop till I finished o_O

I was worried that if I did things too slowly, I'd have to vacuum tomorrow (I'd really rather not vacuum at any time past 8.30pm) so I did everything as quickly but neatlyas I could. Luckily, there wasn't much - all I had to do was put most of my kimono in the boxes, transfer Yan's boxes to below the staircase, and rearrange half the stuff, vacuum, rearrange the stuff again, vacuum again and finally set everything into its final places.

Tomorrow, I'm going out with Mel for lunch, cos I've been craving for Abeno Too. Once I get back, I'm going to have to sort out clothes and shoes for Oxfam. I already have a few things in mind that I need to get rid of, and as Ling suggested, what better way to get rid of it than to donate it to Charity? So yeah, I'm going to have to rearrange my cupboard.... again. Too bad the closest Oxfam to my place is all the way near school. *shrugs*

Okay, I gotta go shower now! I'm feeling dusty and filthy after all that cleaning, despite having washed my hands, feet and wiped all the exposed skin. Turrah!

.... Hee, I feel so accomplished today :D


Petrina said...

If you must know, I think there is an Oxfam in Covent Gdn, on St Martins Lane where I lived but further up the road past the Seven Dials.

Also near to Abeno Too...

And ya... the room looks much better now. Cant say if its up to my standards yet until I do the dust on finger check!!

Petrina said...

On how to get stains out of a rug... I dunno... bleach?? Or mild detergent water and slowly press a wet cloth on it.