Thursday, 5 June 2008

Outfit Snap: Red Dress & Blue Goldfish Yukata

I promised on Sunday I'd post my red dress, but on Monday, when I typed out the entry, it turns out I'd only saved it on drafts, rather than posting it -_-" So I'm scrapping that post and retyping a red-dress one!

So here goes my red and white dress:

Isn't it cuuuuute? *hearts* I think this one looks better on me than the turquoise one, but they're essentially the same design, just a different colour. Maybe it's the neckline..?

I wore a yukata to Waitrose and the drycleaner's today! The weather was really nice and I'd just taken out my sky-blue kingyo (goldfish) yukata and thought it'd be perfect for the weather. I matched the sky today!

Yeah, the bow is slightly lopsided. I forgot to fix it before taking the photots. Also, the collar isn't pulled back enough, but for some reason, today, the collar just didn't want to stay back. *shrugs* Oh well..

Hehe, I know I'm probably too old to wear pigtails, but when I saw this yukata (the obi is from my red bunny set, and just happened to match it absolutely perfectly!), it immediately made me feel as though it was for young girls (think 13 to 15 years old). So, in the spirit of "looking young", I thought I'd put my hair in pigtails. Plus, a bun seems too formal, as does a pony-bun, and a ponytail is too normal. Hehehe. It kinda makes me feel like an anime character, really =^_^=

Acutally, with regards to the obi.... I'm very happy with this obi and yukata combination, but I thought that when I get home, I could probably pair this with my pink and yellow pre-tied obi. It's pink on one side and yellow on the other, and both colours show on the bow. Because of the goldfish, pink would look really good! On the other hand, if I wanted a duller colour, maybe dark olive green? For a calming colour, I'd just use white.

Ooooh I love this yukata! The colour schemes immediately come to mind once I take it out and put it on. Maybe I should do the same for all my other uncoordinated yukata? I've already pegged my other green yukata on having a dark red obi (which is on its way) or maybe yellow, or the same pink-and-yellow tsuke obi. Again, I'd pick white for a calming effect. *hearts*

I really ought to take more pictures of my yukata coordinates, shouldn't I?

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