Monday, 9 June 2008

Outfit Snap: More yukata pics!

Mel and I went to have lunch at Abeno Too yesterday!! We had loads to eat! First we had a yaki gyoza of black prawns and asparagus, then we had a vegetable omu-soba, then the Abeno special okonomiyaki! It had konnyaku and squid in it, then in the center, they put chicken, salmon and cheese, and topped it with bacon. Yum!! For dessert, Mel and I shared a hot cake, wafu style, which had two dango fried in the hotcake and matcha ice cream, anko, cream, butter and hot maple syrup. We were soooo stuffed after that!

We walked to Borders after that 'cause I wanted to see some books, and I'd managed to find this book about a geisha's life. A photographer had been following her since before she even went into training to be a geisha, and there are pictures and narratives of her story about her life from childhood till now. I forgot to take pics of the book, and my camera's out of battery atm, so I'll do it tomorrow.

For obvious reasons, reading the book inspired me to dress in kimono, but I was too lazy to do the whole thing, so I just dressed in a yukata. My red and gray obi had finally arrived in the mail that morning, so I wore this green yukata, which I'd been wanting to wear for ages!

Lovely, isn't it? I think the red obi brings out the colour of the flowers very well. This one is my somber outfit, although I can probably match this with a very dark green obi for an even more somber and boring outfit. I also thought that if I wanted a sweet outfit, I'd wear a white obi, and for a cheerful outfit, I'd wear a yellow one.

Yes, you can see my hadajuban sleeves in the sleeve openings in that picture, but that's only because I'm spreading my arms out. If I don't, then it looks perfectly fine.This next yukata was today's yukata. Photo was taken in a mirror, so I'm not a corpse, etc etc.

I'm not entirely happy with this outfit. I mean sure, I think it's passable for going out into public, but it doesn't "pop". This yukata originally came with a black gauze heko obi with a spider web pattern in glitter. I can't tie a heko obi to save my life, so I took this one out instead, as it's the only thing in my wardrobe that suits it passably. I do think that the other accessories I used balanced it out, though. But I really really like the idea of having dark blue rather than gray for the obi.. Maybe once I fix my tsuke obi, I'll be able to wear it with this! ^_^

I should point out that in all the pictures, the obi is actually the same. The only difference is the side I'm showing. I'm glad I decided to buy this one instead of all the other more colourful ones! I really did need a subtle and dark one.

It feels so nice to finally be able to wear yukata out, after holding onto them for months. Oh, I should point out that my kitsuke is messy cos these pictures are actually taken after I'd been in them for a few hours, doing chores, going grocery shopping and what-not. OH! I'd covered my face cos it looks funny in these pics. Yes yes, I'm vaaaaaaain.

So what do you think of them? Any suggestions on how to improve their look?

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