Sunday, 1 June 2008

New dress!

In one of my older posts, I mentioned that I'd bought a dress with a turquoise and pink pattern. Well, this morning, I was feeling restless cos I couldn't sleep with my blocked/runny nose (it feels so odd when one nostril is blocked and the other is leaking like a tap), so I took pictures!

Please bear in mind that this is a size 12 dress on a size 10 mannequin, so the dress looks very loose. It's more fitting on me, of course.





Upclose of front, to show pattern:

What think you? It does make my hips look like giant pears on a fat day, but if I wore the body-shaping thing, it doesn't look bad at all (and makes me feel pretty hehehe). Oh darn, I'd just realised I forgot to take pictures of the pair of shoes I have that might match this dress. Ah well, maybe next time?

Also, I think that if I really think I don't look good in this, my sister might wear it. Well, Ling? Will you wear this or is it too my-style?

P/S: I'll be updating everyday with pictures of some of my dresses! Tomorrow I'll probably put up pictures of my red dress hehehe.

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