Friday, 13 June 2008

Outfit Snap: Kurotomesode!

A few months ago, I got a really gorgeous kurotomesode from a fellow IG-er on the trade thread. After months and months of delaying, I finally put it on and took pictures (yay!)
Butterfly and Bubbles Kurotomesode

Today's kitsuke was actually rather awkward. It was my first time putting on a kimono that was this slippery, and it was really difficult getting the hem to sit at the spot I wanted. As you can see, I'd actually tied it a little to loosely and a little too low. It's a good thing I'm not going out in this or the hem will get really dirty so quickly!

Also, it was my first time tying an otaiko with my silver fukuro obi, which is why the otaiko looks rather weird at the back. To be honest, at first, I didn't think I had an obi that would match this kimono, but then I remembered that I had a silver fukuro obi, so I took it out. When I saw the purplish and reddish tones in the obi, I thought it would look alright with this kimono. I did want to try tying other bows with this kimono because it looks so young, but I felt lazy, so an otaiko is all I did haha. Well, otaiko is the correct and most formal bow to use with kurotomesode anyway.

What do you think of the colour coordination? For the obiage and obijime, I actually had quite a few choices. It was this blue set, or a pink set, amongst a few others. I honestly would have preferred a purple set to any of these, but my purple set hasn't arrived yet. Since it's been so hot these past few days, I thought I'd cool down the outfit a little with this blue set. The pink set made it rather warm and made me think of autumn. When I put the blue with this, it immediately makes me think of summer: it's got cool colours, butterflies, bubbles and a rainbow!

But it doesn't really matter, because I'll be sending this little girl back to her owner tomorrow anyway. I'll miss her~ She's sooooo pretty *hearts*

Do you like her too?

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kimonosa said...

This tomesode is soooo beautiful. Already it had seen this kimono jejeje ^^

the obiage and obijime I don't like very much, I prefer a other color, for example red or pink ^^ what do you thing?