Friday, 22 February 2008

Outfit Snap: Pics of me in kimono

Well, a long long time ago, I promised I'd post pics of the exhibit! Well, honestly, I've only got one picture of Takenoko-san and I, posing with her infamous ship hikizuri. It's a gorgeous purple piece!

So here we are...

I'm the one in the kimono:

This was the kimono I wore:

This was the obi I matched it with:

As well as the obiage:

You like?

1 comment:

Arashi said...

hi again! i replied your comment on my blog. ^^

Oh my, you already updated, that's great! i love your ensemble, specially the white obi with flowers, nice combo! You looked really nice and elegant, i love plain colour kimono, they are so versatile!

The famous ship hikizuri is stunning, i had seen it sometimes in the immortal geisha forums, and i'm glad that nice people own them.

Great as always! take care"