Monday, 4 February 2008

Different types of kimono - part 1

There are many different types of kimono, each defined by its sleeve length, the pattern, the flow of the pattern, the colour, and many other various factors. I do not claim to know all of them, but I will seek to post as much about each type as I know.

Over the next few weeks, I will be slowly defining and identifying the few types I do know of. Please enjoy!


Furisode is the most formal of kimono which may be worn by a young unmarried woman. In the past, most women married young. However, in modern life, most women do not marry until their late twenties. As such, it is generally accepted that a woman may wear furisode until she turns 25. I am not sure how widely known this 'rule' is, but I don't think I'll follow it :P

Furisode literally means 'swinging sleeves'. This is because of the length of its sleeves, which may range from knee-length to ankle-length. When a woman walks, the long sleeves swing in the wind, and is said to have been created to attract a man's attention (riiiiight).

In the pictures I have posted, I particularly like the last two, as they are Disney kimono. The fourth one is based on Snow White, while the last one is an accurate sketch of the Sleeping Beauty-themed kimono. I would absolutely love for one of these, only they cost ¥630 000 each! And that's only the furisode - no obi, no juban, nothing! *shivers* I want that for my 21st birthday.....

Oh well, till next week then! ^_^

-The Disney kimono pictures were actually screenshots of a slideshow. I cannot find the website anymore - if someone out there knows it, please send it to me! Thanks

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