Saturday, 16 February 2008

Lord of the Rings

Rating: 3.5/5

Well, I don't really want to do a section by section review, so I'll just rant abit..

Well, the story was as we all know it, but really really.... short. Very condensed, no real detail, but that's cos it was only 2.5 hours, so I can't really blame them.

The props were BRILLANT!! Best props I've ever seen for a play or musical! The floor MOVES! And not just rotation.. It rises and lowers too!! Coolness.

The music.. Well, there were some songs which were alright, some which were so-so, and some which are soooo terribly addictive that you'll never stop listening to them. Well, at least in my case that's true, cos I love sweet, sad songs! *heart*

What I really didn't like about the whole thing is that it just isn't... 'wow'. There isn't anything that takes my breath away, nothing that moves me to tears, nothing that makes me laugh hysterically. I don't think it was loud enough either. But I must say, watching it makes me reaaaaaally want to read the book and watch the movies! Hehehe..

Well, all in all, I'll have to say that I wish I hadn't watched the movies before watching this. This kind of feels more like a preview of the movies instead.

I'm really having mixed feelings over this! At times I'll think it isn't worth the money, but the suddenly I'll think that parts of it were absolutely beautiful. It just doesn't stick in my head or 'wow' me as much as say, LesMis or Wicked does.

Watch it and see for yourself!


Unknown said...

hey pris!

Reading your review felt as though you took it straight from my thoughts exactly! Completely agree and I felt that the audience felt that way too (no standing ovation given). However, I do like the part where the scary looking 'baddies' came out to 'surprise' the crowd XD

Regret not watching wicked instead. Boo.

Do keep up the interesting info on kimono's! Take care! *huggss*

Arashi said...

hi!! just passing to say hello,and congratulations, i really like your posts. I'm a kimono enthusiast also ^_^ i will keep visiting your blog!! (sorry for my bad english) Greeting from Spain

Priscilla said...

Lin> Hey!! Yeah, I completely forgot you were in London in December. *pouts* I didn't know it either, till I was already home!! Haha... Yeah, a pity you didn't watch Wicked - it really was wicked!! *hearts* Take care too!! ^___^

arashi > Thank you! I visited your blog as well, and while I don't understand Spanish, the pictures you post are very beautiful. Thank you for visiting! ^_^