Saturday, 16 February 2008

Patrick's half-term

It's Patrick's half-term! He came to London on Wednesday, but there were major delays and problems with the trains and such, so a 2 and 1/2 hour trip turned into a 5 hour trip!! Talk about bad luck with public transport...

Well, since he arrived so late, I cooked dinner instead, which I was actually planning to do all along :P I cooked a very simple Italian dinner. Started with garlic bread, then a main of spaghetti with prawns and rocket in a sauce of chilli, tomato and lemon. For some reason, it didn't taste as nice as the first time I made it. Dessert was banoffee pie for the boys (Patrick's friend Felix is staying over too), and I had brownies topped with cheesecake, all bought from Waitrose. Yum!

On Thursday, I had a mandatory class, so Patrick and Felix went to their friend Jack's place. Later on, we met up for dinner, and went to Abeno Too. It was surprisingly packed! Since it was Valentine's Day, ALL the okonomiyaki were heart-shaped! So cuuuute! Hehehee..... I didn't take any pics, but my classmate did (bumped into her there), so once I get pics from her, I'll post some here!

Today, I went to class, but halfway through, I realised that my coursework group was completely absent except for Andria. I called them, and found out that, while we finished the coursework early, no one bothered to hand it in!! So I skipped the second half of lectures to print our coursework, fill in the form, and hand it in.

After that, I stopped by the Post Office to post a letter, then went to HSBC to settle my debit card thingy. Eventually, my period cramps got bad enough that I went to Boots and got some Feminax.

Since I was at Liverpool Street station at the time, I decided to meet up with my brother at South Kensington to have lunch at Kulu Kulu, only to realise it was too late and it was closed. So instead, we went to Richoux (the one across the road from Harrods) and had an alright lunch. Nothing really exceptional. Didn't have scones :( Regret that now...

After lunch, we went to Harrods to look around and get some food. We ended up buying some sauces, biscuits, jams and honey, as well as some Krispy Kreme. We bought a dozen, and the guy at the counter gave us free samples. So nice of him! No one in front of us got any hehehe.

Now, it's practically a tradition that everytime Patrick comes to London, we watch at least one play. Today, we went to watch Lord of the Rings. It was okaaaaaay. Will post a review straight after this, cos I don't want this to get too long :P Ciao!

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