Friday, 22 February 2008

New kimono shops!


Yesterday, I happened to find an old old yukata shop I haven't been to in a long long time!! It's called Kamoya and it's got loads and loads of stuff I want to buy!! Ahhh, how I wish I could just buy the whole shop! *sighs dreamily*

Amongst the things that I want, the following ones are the yukata sets I like best!!

What I like most about them is how modern they all are!! With these sets, I can sooooo picture a kimono-hime style! Only thing is, it'll cost ¥7245 (roughly an equivalent of US$72.45 or £34.41 or RM217.45) for each set. Well.... It costs less than if I were to go to Japan and buy them, but still!! Just look at the price x_x

Moving on, just a little while ago, I found the website of another one of my favourite eBay sellers!! It's name is Japanese Antiques. Very nice stuff, very user friendly website! The kimono etc. might be a little more expensive than eBay, but if you were to look at the quality, you'd understand why!

So have a look at both websites and enjoy!


Petrina said...

Can I have the ACHI-06 and ACHI-01?

Priscilla said...

Hehehe I know!! Those were the first two that I liked from the website!!

You know, after converting it to ringgit, it doesn't seem to cost so much o_O I mean, RM218!! That's like half a dress from Blum!

Now I'm soooo tempted to get a few...