Monday, 11 February 2008

Kimono Weekend

I wore kimono again on Saturday! But yeah, what's the point of posting about it if I can't take pictures -_____________- Can't wait for Mum to send my camera charger over!! It comes with a dress and biscuits too *heart heart heart*!

Anyway, anyone remember that maroon kimono I never knew what to wear with? This one, I mean:

Well, it has longer sleeves than any other kimono I have in England (all my furisode are in Malaysia) at 59cm, and I really wanted to wear something with long sleeves.. Only the longest juban sleeve I had was 52cm, which was waaaay too short, and I didn't know what obi to match it with.

Eventually, I just wore it with this obi:

Not the greatest match, I know. But hey, at least it worked alright! I thought it might be abit too busy for my taste cos the kimono has patterns all over it, and the obi.. Well, you can see the obi ^^;; I thought the colour worked well, though. The obi has maroon on it too, but the background is white, so the maroon isn't overwhelming. The beige on it looks very similar in shade to the kimono lining, which is pale orange. The green adds abit of a different colour to it and makes it less boring.

In addition, I wore a black obiage and a green-and-gold obijime, plus my orange, brown and black zori. I notice I really like my black obiage. :P

I did wear it out of the house - but only to Waitrose and the drycleaner's. That's just up the road from my flat (across the main gates of our community, really), and takes a 5min walk. I still did get a number of comments and praise though ^___^ *happiness*

I meant to wear it on Friday afternoon, really, but Mel and I decided to go out and eat, and I really didn't want to roam around London at night in a kimono (somehow, I don't feel safe - particularly since I can't run in a kimono!) so I wore it on Saturday instead. Doesn't hurt that International Kimono Day for February was on Saturday too! Hehehe...

Anyway, I missed posting this weekend, but I'll make up for it later (I'm at school now, so I haven't any nice pics on hand). Buh-bye!

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