Sunday, 5 June 2011

Coordination Comments: Yellow Snowflake Komon & Purple Obi

For the past few months, I've been complaining to a friend that I haven't been blogging much because I never seem to find time to dress up in kimono. She suggested that since I have so many pieces that I don't have the chance to wear, why don't I just post pics and comments on coordinates instead?

Well today, I'm finally listening to her advice! I tend to prefer not to post coordinates before I wear them as I like to wear something completely new each time I dress up in kimono, but well... desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess XD;

Here is today's coordinate!

Yellow Komon & Purple Obi Coordinate

As you can see, I'm still on my yellow phase XD

This here is another yellow hitoe komon that I got from Shinei's sales sometime last year. I know, I know, I already had one yellow hitoe komon.... But yellow is such a cute colour, and I couldn't resist the snowflakes!

One thing I love about hitoe is that it can be worn with either summer or spring/autumn/winter accessories, depending on the look you are going for. Since I wore summer accessories last week, I thought I'd go for a warmer look for this coordinate.

I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge today and pair this kimono with a more striking obi. Usually I would just follow a colour scheme that would match the tone of the kimono - in this case, it would be dusty pink, browns and white. However, I just couldn't shake the idea of wearing purple and yellow together, so I brought out my favourite purple obi.

Close-up of the colours:
Yellow Komon & Purple Obi Coordinate

I matched it with a pale green obijime to give it a bit more of a refreshing feel, and a green han'eri with embroidered pink flowers to bring out more of the green and highlight a little of the pink.

I was at a bit of a loss when it came to the obiage, but my friend had given me this yellow obiage that was perfect - if I fold it correctly, it would have little squares of purple, green and pink showing!

The obiage does seem to blend into the kimono abit, but I wanted both the kimono and the obi to be the main focus of the outfit. A pink obiage (or even a coral one to match the flower in the obi) would've been one too many colours in this outfit and would've made the obi and its accessories the main focus, with the kimono just fading behind as a background to the striking combination.

I forgot to add tabi and zori to the picture, but I think I'd probably have worn white tabi (maybe I can embroider some to have green leaves or something?) and yellow zori. If I had green or purple zori, I'd definitely wear them though!

I'm pretty happy with the formality of this outfit. It's something that I'd probably wear out for lunch at a nice restaurant in a mall, or something that I'd go to watch a movie or musical or concert... Maybe even a house party if I'm brave enough! It's exactly the sort of places and events I'd wear kimono to, which means this outfit is perfectly wearable for me :)

How do you like this outfit? What would you change about it if the kimono and obi had to stay the same?


Sekhet said...

Nice colors : )

Rebecca said...

I love the colors in this ensemble Priscilla! Everything looks very fresh! And I love how that obi really pops against the light yellow! Gorgeous! You could also try a pale lime green obiage if you have one....but the outfit is wonderful! When are you going to wear it?

ihsara said...

i love the purple-yellow combo! but the rose on the obi clashes a little with the snowflakes imho...

my fave part? the obiage. :3 its naissss

Priscilla said...

Thanks, Sekhet! :)

Rebecca: Thanks! ^_^ Yup I was aiming for an obi that looks really striking against the kimono! Haha I was actually looking for the perfect green obiage (pale lime green sounds like exactly what I was looking for!) but sadly I didn't have any in my collection :/ Time to go shopping? XD;; I'm not sure when I'll wear this outfit.... I don't think my next kimono outing is planned for another month hahaha XD

Liss: Yehhhh naiiissss isn't it? XD A friend gave it to me for the IG forums kimono swap! Hehe~ Yeah the purple colour of the obi was exactly what I was going for, but the roses clash abit too much. If only I hadn't traded away my other purple obi - it would've matched so well XD;