Sunday, 26 June 2011

Closet Feature: Black Yukata & Hot Pink Obi

I was taking pics of some yukata I'm selling to a friend of a friend, and thought I'd share the pics here one at a time.

Here is the first of the 8 outfits I've put together:


(Please don't mind the low quality photo - I had to use my phone's camera as my mum is holding my camera hostage at the moment ^^;)

Both the yukata and obi are brand new.

I'm not really looking for critique on coordination - I paired the yukata and obi based on what matched best together from the pile I wanted to get rid of.

I just kind of wondered how much you'd pay for a set like this? I'm selling this to her at cost price because she's a friend's friend, but I was kind of curious to know how much most people (especially Malaysians!) would be willing to pay for this sort of thing.

Good night!


Anonymous said...

<3 lovely.

Hmmm regarding your question, I've seen a set like this selling anywhere between RM180 - RM199++ @_@;;; I have never bought any yukata sets from Malaysia so can't really say. Jusco sold theirs for RM120 correct? but that came with that hideous obi so yeah,

Priscilla said...

Ooooo thanks!! ^^ Yeahh Jusco's sets were RM129 but you're absolutely right, their obi were.... yuck XD;