Sunday, 26 June 2011

Outfit Snap: Navy Blue Yukata & Seafoam Green Obi

After working on my blog for a while and surrounding myself with kimono for practically the whole weekend, I had the urge to either buy more kimono or have a dress-up session to distract myself from shopping.

So..... I had a dress-up session! ^_^

I wanted to just throw on something easy, but I had a very specific obi in mind to wear today, so I grabbed both the obi and another yukata that was just lying around.

Here is the result! ^_^

(Please don't mind that the photos are really low quality! My mum is holding my camera for her business trips so I had to make-do with my phone)

Navy Yukata & Seafoam Obi

I'm carrying the umbrella because.... Well ^^; It matched the colour scheme and it was just there. It's actually an RM5 bit of nonsense that I bought from Daisou just because it was cheap and cute.

Navy Yukata & Seafoam Obi

I really like that both the yukata and obi have a rose theme :) I also kind of like that the pearls on the obi are a little similar to the false shibori dots on the yukata.

Navy Yukata & Seafoam Obi

Today's obi musubi was chosen because I was actually experimenting with wearing yukata without any padding and I needed something large that will hide the lower back area of my yukata. I did have to stuff a whole towel underneath the obi to keep the musubi perky, but a few clever folds and some manipulation of how the obi falls and you'd never notice :)

On wearing yukata without padding: I have to say that it does do wonders for managing the heat! I can see now why people say that yukata are cooling to wear. I had to tie my yukata a little looser than usual so that the himo don't cut into my body, but it just makes for a more comfortable kitsuke.

I have to keep practicing this to improve my kitsuke without padding! XD


shigatsuhana said...

I love this outfit. The obi is fantastic. :)

SilberRegen said...

Very cool combination, it'll surely be cooling in hot summer!

Btw.: I love the lolita outfit on your mannequin (^.^)

Priscilla said...

Thanks shigatsuhana! It was the last thing I ever bought when I was still in London ^_^ (In fact, the package arrived the morning I was to fly home for good hahaha)

Thanks very much SilberRegen! ^_^ I'm particularly proud of that lolita outfit haha - it's the sort of thing I'd love to wear out! (but the skirt is made of an awfully heavy and thick material, so not suitable for Malaysia ^^;)