Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Closet Feature: Red Yukata & Black Obi

Red & Black yukata

So.... I've finally decided to get rid of this red yukata ^^; I've worn it a few times, so while it's clean and stain-free, it's not in the best condition... But the material is softer now, compared to when I first received it!

I tossed this plain black obi with the yukata (the reverse side of the obi is bright red) because I got it with one of the yukata sets I bought for a godsister and there was no way I was going to let one of my godsisters wear such an ugly thing ^^;;;

I kind of think that if the obi was folded a little in the front to show off a bit of red, it'd look pretty nice with this yukata :)


Shambhala Padawan said...


H-SAMA said...


I just bought a new yukata.
still wainting for it to arrive

kisses from your friend from Brazil