Monday, 30 May 2011

New Layout~

I've done abit more tweaking with my blog layout!

I couldn't really be bothered figuring out how to get my background to fit perfectly for all screen resolutions and web browsers, so I decided to scrap the idea and keep a plain white background, but change the header to suit the new theme.

I've also changed the fonts for my post titles, dates and side bar titles. Unfortunately, it's made my blog a little slow to upload, so even if it does look rather nice, I think I'll keep it a few weeks as a test and see how it goes. If I still don't like how slow it is, I might scrap it and see what else I can do with my layout.

I've tested the new layout on IE, Firefox and Safari on iPhone... It looks fine on IE and Firefox, but the new font for my post titles, dates and side bar titles don't show up on iPhone... Got to check up on how to fix that.

Any opinions on the layout so far?

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