Saturday, 2 July 2011

Outfit Snap: My Brother & His Girlfriend - Friday Night Dress-Up!

My brother asked if I could help him with his yukata ensemble for this year's Bon Odori, so I took out one of the new ones I'd gotten for him at last year's Yukata Fair at Jusco (it has stripes and bats on it!) and paired it with his black pre-tied hakata obi and the skeleton-themed geta I bought for him two years ago.

We had a test-run of his outfit after coming home from dinner earlier tonight!

After seeing him dressed up and flipping through a couple of my yukata magazines, his girlfriend also asked to get dressed up :D I showed her my whole collection and let her pick one yukata (well, she was torn between this one and another, so she let my brother choose) and a matching obi.

I put her in a pair of navy blue geta and tucked a dark blue fan into her obi to match the navy blue dragonflies on the yukata. I also tossed in the bag and the hair accessory to make the outfit look more complete.

This is the end result!

Friday Night Dress-up!

One of the magazines they were flipping through had a feature on couples' yukata and how to match them with themes, so their outfits are also somewhat matched together! Both yukata are light-coloured and have some sort of stripes on them while their obi also have some form of stripes ^^

Aren't they so cute together?? :D


Anonymous said...

oh dear. too cute. *dies*

I really like both yukata omg *_* and good job matching them hehe. If only my brother would let me do the same thing to him and his gf...T_T

And erm. When's your turn coordinating yourself with that special someone ;) teehee

Anonymous said...

Oh they are both so cute together!!!!

Bangasa Kimono = ^( ^_^)^ said...

Ahhhhhh, young love.
Anyway good to see you posting on your blog more. Has work calmed down?

Cherish Baby said...

Can I know when is the Jusco Yukata Fair for this year? Could you email me? T.Q!

Priscilla said...

aDe: Thanks!! XD AHAHAHAHA no special someone to coordinate with! (Unless I can dress my iPhone up in a yukata? Hmmmm...)

yieldforkimono: My brother says thanks! XD

Hong: Heya!! Haha yeah work has calmed down a bit! *phew* XD How are you guys over there? (I should prolly be more active on FB, shouldn't I? ^^;)

Cherish: Hi! I'd sent you an email this morning ^^ The Jusco yukata fair is one, actually! Till this Sunday :)