Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Event Announcement: TAF: Taylor's Asaban Fest

Just a quick update, but today I found out about this event that I'd really like to go to! I'm pretty sure I'm free on that day, but whether or not I go depends very much on transport >_<""


-updated in next post-

I really hope I can go! ^_^ It'll be nice to have a reason to wear kimono/yukata... I heard last year's one was kinda bad, but I wouldn't mind just going to see what it's like :D Maybe it's time to start socializing on the Comic Fiesta forums and making friends so it would be more fun there! XD

Oh! Before I forget, it's Merdeka weekend this week, so my family and I are taking a short 4-day holiday to Phuket from Saturday to Tuesday. If anyone wants to contact me during that period, I'm afraid I won't be available till next Wednesday!

Ta! ^_^


Unknown said...

Do you have a circle of friends who are similarly interested in Kimono wearing? We're planning to organize a Kimono wearing demonstration (half an hour session) conducted by Japanese, with an entrance fee of RM5 (subject to change) per person. Do you think this session would be able to attract many Kimono lovers across KL? Your opinion is highly appreciated.

Priscilla said...

Hi! I have some friends who are very into kimono wearing, and a few people who are very vaguely interested, but my close kimono buddies are not in Malaysia, and the interested ones aren't going to be in the area around that time :/ However, I can very happily vouch for myself that I will definitely go for the demonstration!! ^_^ (And I will let my Singaporean kimono friends know too)

I personally wouldn't mind paying RM5 or even RM10 - to me, that is SO worth it! I once attended a kimono wearing demonstration in London, and it cost the equivalent of RM125 x_X I do think that quite a number of people would also think RM5 is a decent price to pay for something that you very rarely ever see in Malaysia (perhaps you might wish to highlight this event's uniqueness in your ads?).

I'm not sure about the interest levels in KL, actually. To be honest, I've only been in KL 3 months out of a year for the past 5 years. However, I think that if you advertise it well, it would attract quite a bit of attention! I know that interest in the demo would be at least decent, considering how many Malaysians wear yukata to Bon Odori every year, etc.

Please do let me know if you're definitely having the demo! ^_^ (And book a ticket for me pls XP)

And if you don't mind me asking, who exactly are you asking to conduct the session? o_O How did you get to know about them?