Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Closet Feature: RyuJapan Sales Loot

I've been feeling guilty since I haven't updated about kimono at all in a long long time (except when whining about how much I've wanted to buy/wear/etc kimono). I still haven't been able to wear kimono so far (boooooo) but as a small consolation, I shopped a little yesterday!

RyuJapan had his summer sales last week, and yesterday was the last day. There was this one obi I've been drooling over for the past year or so. Three of Ryu's sales have passed and this obi still hadn't been sold. Yesterday, I really couldn't resist anymore and I got it at 60% off! XD Yay bargain!

Here's my new little beauty:

I also saw this cute hanhaba obi being sold for $6USD, so I bought it for fun :P

Ahhhh, I'm happy with what I bought! XD

Things to post about later:
1) Singapore trip
2) Genting trip
3) Johor trip
4) New camera
5) New kimono books
6) New kimono stuff

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