Thursday, 20 August 2009

They're HERE!!!

My boxes are here!!! They arrived in Malaysia on Monday (or was it Tuesday?) and yesterday, they were finally delivered to my house!! XD

I think I horrified my family. My brother called my mum to tell her my stuff was in, and he was all "WTF she has so much stuff!" Lol. He was so amazed at just how much stuff I had that he took pics of the unpacking process :P

My mum gave me half a day off so I could finish unpacking it all in one go. Sadly, I really had so many things that half a day wasn't enough. I've fully unpacked (taken out of boxes, cleaned, put away, etc) 12 boxes, but I'm halfway through 2 more and am waiting for everything to be all cleaned up and put away so I can have alot of space when sorting out my books and CDs (those were the 5 boxes I didn't touch at all).

I've still got to go to Daisou and IKEA sometime soon. My mum says that since my dad is away this weekend, us girls (+ my sister's bf) can go for evening Mass on Saturday, then head for Daisou and IKEA after that. I need a looooot of storage space now!

I've got just barely enough space for all my kimono stuff. I guess that means no more buying? D: But it makes me soooo happy to open my cupboards and see them completely stuffed with kimono things!! XD

My parents bought me a table to store all my random things like notebooks and post-it notes - it's been completely converted into my "kitsuke necessities" table :P Koshihimo, tabi, hadajuban, obi makura - any "kimono undies" I have, they're all in that table. X3 Cute!

Will update more with pics soon. Ta!

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